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sqlmapchik - the android apk port of sqlmap tool.

sqlmapchik is a port of sqlmap tool.Sourcecode is available on GitHub:
Note that Google Play version may not include the latest available sqlmap version. To build a cutting-edge package, see instructions on GitHub
NOTE: The very first launch will take some time for the files need to be unpacked.
Unsupported features:
Project is currently in beta (I suppose it will always be as sqlmap is constantly evolving :)
At this point, not all of sqlmap features are supported. Here is what doesn't work for sure:
* sqlmap API
* profiling
* log colorizing
* beeping :)
* user-defined function injection
* updating
* metasploit integration
Other features _should_ work. If you find an issue (I bet you will:), don't hesitate to report it on Github, by email, Twitter, pidgin mail etc.


Get it on Google play 

google to download from other places :p


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