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WordPress Auto Shell Uploader & Defacer { Python Script }

it is a handy python script to save time to shell & deface :)


Github link


Raw Script Link


python's 'Requests' library must be installed to use this script! its very easy!
guideline to install:-


Launce the script.
put site url with http://
put username
put password
put deface page file name. (i.e: deface.html) & it will shell the server & Deface homepage.

Video TUT

 Youtube link


Won't work in captcha protected wp-logins .

URL Inspector - a Python script coded by me.

url inspector is a small python script coded by a 15 years old script kiddie :p named skidie Khan. I am a new learner so there are some bugs I'll try to fix it :3


  1. Shows ip of the site and server informations.
  2. Option to save html source of the site in a file.
  3. Scans for cms. Checks if the target is WordPress / Joomla! / Drupal. finds their login page.
  4. Scans for Admin login pages.
  5. Scans for other sites hosted in the same server using bing.
  6. Option to save other sites list in a file.


first launch the script & Just put the site url without http & press enter. example:

Source code & Downloads:

php prv8 uploader scripts

here are 2 small php up-loader scripts. these things come in handy in many situations like shelling in WordPress etc.... While we are in mobile there is a key limitation of copy text so big shell codes can't be copied for pasting :/ .At that time these scripts are useful!
note: sometimes 1st one doesn't work on WP use 2nd one instead.


[alternative one]source: